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Move application status

Hi, is it possible to change the application status via API?

API v2 archive jobs

Hi Is it planned to support an archive/activate call for jobs for v2 Version or is this no longer supported? Thanks Michel

Automatic sending of message using API

Hello, when we send an CV over the API connection (Name, Surname, Email and PDF (CV), the person gets no automatic receive message and i also can't decline the applicant in join. What's wrong?

create job - seniority is not valid or does not exist

One of our clients get the following error creating a job "seniority is not valid or does not exist" We use the selected values as documented in your API Ref: seniority required for the job one of: support, entry_level, junior_level, senior_level, executive_level, senior_executive senior_level was selected. Thanks and Regards Michel ps: do you have a newsletter with changes within the api?

API Token

Hi there, I am trying to obtain API token but "https://join.com/user/api" returns 404 not found. How can I get token? Thanks.

What are the accepted job categories?

Hi, I recently tried to post a job with the category of "software_development" and received an error. The returned error message contains a list of accepted categories that differs from those currently published in the documentation. The list returned in the error message: administration, business-development, cleaning-facilities, construction, strategy_consulting, customer_support, design_media, education-training, technics_engineering, entertainment-travel, tax_finance_controlling, medicine_health, human_resources, installation-maintenance-repair, it, compliance_law, logistics_transportation, management, production, marketing, editorial_news, operations_management, personal-care-services, public_relations, purchasing, real_estate, research_development, restaurants-hotels, sales, social-services-non-profit, sports-fitness-recreation, warehouse, other The list in the documentation: administration, business-development, business_intelligence, cleaning-facilities, compliance_law, construction, customer_support, design_media, editorial_news, education-training, entertainment-travel, human_resources, installation-maintenance-repair, it, logistics_transportation, management, marketing, medicine_health, operations, personal-care-services, product_management, production, project_management, public_relations, real_estate, restaurants-hotels, sales, science_research, social-services-non-profit, software_development, sports-fitness-recreation, strategy_consulting, supply_chain_management, tax_finance_controlling, technics_engineering, other Please could confirm if the list returned in the error message is the complete and correct set of values accepted as a job category?

Unable to upload CV file

I was trying to apply for a job, but your widget won't let me upload my CV and cover letter - so I can't submit the application. The link to the application: https://join.com/companies/triply/6251215-product-owner-mobility-audit-product?widgetv2=true&pid=d73d1a20e99ab4ced633 I've tried multiple browsers and devices, always the same behaviour. The file upload does not start or show any progress.

Postman / OpenAPI / Swagger specification?

Hi - do y'all have any schema'd specifications for your API that we could import into a solution?


Hi - do y'all have a way to create and cancel webhook subscriptions? I'm specifically interested in: - candidate applies - candidate status change (changes stage, including withdraws) Other nice-to-have would be: - job created - job status change

Rate Limit

Hello, How high is the rate limit and is there a possibility to increase it? I am currently working on a sync which should update/create up to hundreds of vacancies. It would be a pity if it would always break due to this error.